ARPMAX® High Performance Polymers

The most notable feature that separates ARPMAX® high performance polymers from all other plastic varieties are their thermal properties. In general, many ARPMAX® polymers provide a continuous service temperature in the range of 302° F (150° C) or above. Thermal stability aside, ARPMAX® polymers maintain a variety of other beneficial qualities and are often chosen because they exhibit:

                  • High Fatigue Resistance

                  • High Impact Resistance

                  • High Chemical Resistance

                  • Excellent Abrasion Resistance

                  • Synthetic Metal® Compatible

                  • High Performance Polymer Applications

                  • "Self-Lubricating" Innovation (patents pending)

                  • Very Low Co-Efficient of Friction

                  • High Tensile Strength

                  • High Heat Exposure and Shock Absorption applications

                  • Emission Proof and Radiation Resistant components

                  • Sterilization and Hydrolysis Resistant materials

                  • Components for Aircraft and Aerospace applications

                  • Excellent Colorability

                  • Extended Part Life

                  • Lightweight Compared to Metals

                  • Lot and Batch Traceable

                  • Reduced Maintenance and Downtime

ARPMAX® High Performance Polymer Experts

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The team at ARPMAX® Engineered Polymers has a wide variety of resources available in-house. We are ready to help you find the high performance polymer that best fits your application in terms of cost and performance.

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